XIII. Denti Szimpózium és Baráti Találkozó – Workshop 3


2018. április 7. szombat délután 14:30 – 17:30


Dr. Cobi Landsberg


Dr. Hangyási Dávid Botond


Abstract: During this workshop, dr. Cobi Landsberg and dr. Hangyási will present some of their easiest protocols for socket management. Reducing bone loss to maintain the bony contour and the soft tissue profile following tooth extraction is one of the most difficult objects nowadays. Up to our knowledge, the resorption of the buccal plate can ot be avoided but reduced. Socket configuration should be considered when choosing the preservation technique and material. Dr. Landsberg will show us the Socket Seal technique which was actually described by himself in the literature. Dr. Hangyási will talk about a combination of new materials, called CollaCone Max, Mucoderm punch and PermaMem and their protocol of use described by himself. The lecturers will talk also about defected sockets (eg.: Tarnow’s Ice Cone Technique) and the role of the different biotypes. The participants can learn and practice the mentioned procedures and materials used for those.

Dr. Cobi Landsberg

Dr. Cobi Landsberg graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem, in 1977.

In 1984 he graduated from specialized study in periodontics at Boston University, and from 1992 is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Landsberg is a past chairman of the Israel Periodontal Society and is formerly an instructor in periodontics at the specialized study program at the Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem. Dr. Landsberg has published numerous scientific and clinical articles on periodontology and implant dentistry in the international dental literature and has lectured extensively in Israel and abroad.

He is currently a member of the editorial board of Journal Of Cosmetic Dentistry (JCD) and has been an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry since 1995.

Dr. Landsberg maintains a private practice limited to periodontics and implant and regenerative surgery in Tel Aviv (Israel).

Dr. med. dent. Dávid Botond Hangyási

Since 2010: Assistant lecturer Department of Periodontology, University of Szeged

2010: Certificate of Specialization in Periodontics Department of Periodontology, University of Szeged

Since 2007: Private Practice (since 2015 “Dentalstory”), Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary, University of Szeged, Hungary

Since 2007: Lecturer Department of Periodontology, University of Szeged, Practices and lectures for pre- and postgraduate students

2007- 2010: Postgraduate Training in Periodontology Department of Periodontology, University of Szeged, Dentist Department of Periodontology, University of Szeged

2007: Doctor of Dental Medicine Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged